About Me

Everyone's a critic, myself included... at least it's true when it comes to food. From the location of a restaurant to the food's presentation and taste, a meal just isn't a meal without good feng shui.

A little bit about myself: I've recently relocated from New York City to London, where I'm excited to test out the restaurant scene in a completely new city. I hope that one day I can say I've tasted the food from every nation, and critiqued some of the finest dining in the world. 

One of the people who started me on this gastronomic adventure was my French nanny growing up. She taught me to appreciate the tastier things in life, from parsley butter to peeled asparagus.

While I'm writing this blog entirely for fun, I don't currently get paid to do it. So if you're a restaurant and you have any recommendations or opportunities for me, please send them on through. All opinions are my own.

For more about me and why I'm blogging, check out my first post on Foodie Forecast: Ready… Set… EAT!