Sunday, March 6, 2016

Welcome to London! Now what's for dinner?

In October last year, I moved from New York to London and there's so much to discover when it comes to food. I'm surprised by the diversity of cuisines, from Indian (well known as the best outside of India), Turkish, French, Spanish... the list goes on. The only food I've yet to find as good as the States is Mexican, but I'm waiting to be surprised.

However the British food is off-the-charts. On a recent trip to Notting Hill, John and I went to a restaurant called Bumpkin. It specializes in British dishes, made with locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients. They go to such an extent to make things accurately, classically English that they wont use even olive oil to keep the food faithful to how it should be.

It was late on a cold winter evening, so we ordered two appetizers to share and opted for the same main: an enormous, perfectly cooked and juicy burger. Maybe it was the American inside of me that wanted to challenge the good old fashioned backyard barbecued burger on the grill with a farm-house style restaurant in central london, but I have to say it was far surpassed my expectations.

Some of the other highlights on the menu included St. Austell Bay mussels with garlic, parsley and white wine, veal pie with leeks, tarragon and mushrooms and rhubarb cake for dessert.

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