Thursday, January 15, 2015

A taste of Caracas, without the 5 hour flight

In the mood for something different? Last night, John and I went to a Venezuelan restaurant in Brooklyn called Caracas Arepa Bar. There are a few different locations in the city (one in the East Village at 7th and 1st, one in Roneria, Brooklyn and another in Rockaway), but we went to the location on Grand Street in Williamsburg.

The vibe was super relaxed with tea light candles, green wood tables and unfinished walls. The bar in front channels the vibe of an old shack decorated in plywood and a tin roof. The back room hosted the main dining area with walls of art showing city views of Caracas. There was a 15 minute wait which to me is always a good sign of great food and a popular spot, plus the host offered us waters and kept a close eye on our table so that our experience wasn't too painful.

On top of the atmosphere, the food was great. They specialized in arepa, which are sandwich buns made out of 100% corn flour giving them a grainy but soft texture. They had a ton of arepas to choose from on the menu - about half were vegetarian.

We started with an order of guacamole and chips, made out of dried sweet plantains. They provide you with a small bottle of sweet and spicy sauce which is really to die for, so don't be put off by the plastic bottle. We were smothering it all over our food. I'm only now regretting that I didn't ask for the recipe...

For our main meal, we ordered one arepa each. Our server recommended 1-2 per person, but since we also ordered the appetizer we thought it would be enough. We were right. I chose the first one on the menu called, De Pabellón: shredded beef, black beans, white salty cheese and sweet plantains. The savory and sweet combination was amazing, and the beef tasted as if it had been marinated for days. It left me full and deliciously satisfied.

"De Pabellón" arepa: shredded beef, black
beans, white cheese and sweet plantains
John chose the special: pork shoulder, sweet plantains, cheese and jalapeño. It was recommended by our server, but unfortunately wasn't a great choice. John said the only thing he could taste was the jalapeño, which dominated the flavor so much that he couldn't taste the meat... or anything else.

That said, we were on our way to a concert at Brooklyn Bowl and wanted a casual meal that wasn't your typically predictable dine and dash chain (i.e. Chipotle or Chop't). This was the perfect change to our normal dinner out and I would definitely recommend stopping by. There was so much more on the menu to try, so if you go -  please let me know if you find a new favorite dish!


  1. Nice post, Foodie Forecaster. I've been to the one in the East Village. That one has a restaurant and also a takeout spot next door. The "to-go" spot actually has a few tables, though, and it's nice and cozy-looking. It's great for people who don't want to wait next door, where there is usually a much longer wait.

  2. Excellent review. Can't wait to try that sweet and spicy sauce.