Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cold Temperatures Call for a Warm Soup

Despite the fact that it’s March, temperatures still dip well below freezing in New York City. In honor of this endlessly frigid weather, I wanted to do a post on a soup that I’ve been mastering throughout the winter and share it with you while it’s still acceptable to eat warm and hearty meals.

It all started with a post I read on Smitten Kitchen about carrot soup with crisped chickpeas. I never quite got the chickpeas right (so if you do, you’re a better cook than me!), but I was able to get the soup down to a creamy, sweet and hearty texture.

And then, I changed the recipe - it's become a lot spicier, sweeter and less like a puree. Here's what I did, but let me know which one you think is better!

(Read on for the recipe...)