Monday, January 20, 2014

A New Year, a New City, a New Meal

It's been a while since my last post... okay nearly a year... but a lot has happened that makes me want to start blogging again. 
My boyfriend and I are in New York City now, and there are so many restaurants, bars, grocery stores and farmers markets to explore that it's given me great material to start writing and the best encouragement to start tasting new foods and eating at new places.

For me, there’s nothing better than trying a fantastic new restaurant with a cute atmosphere and a delicious entrée, but I’m feeling more than a little overwhelmed with the selection here. To be honest, I have no idea where to even start looking for a good place to eat in this city. (So if anyone is reading this and has a suggestion… please, please, please leave a comment so I can go immediately.)

Therefore, because of the plethora of restaurants available, and my unfortunate lack of food geography, I will share my ups and downs in an attempt to better learn what food this city has to offer.

I also hope this blog might help anyone visiting or living in New York, so that they may have a new list of places to try, and not waste their time (and calories) on mediocre food.

One last note, before I write my first post actually about food: John and I have just moved into a new apartment with a wonderful, newly renovated, never been used before kitchen!!! That means lots of opportunities to cook and try new recipes, which I will share in great detail on this blog.

So, with that said, I'm resuming my posts and beginning to write, cook and eat (well I was always doing that) again!


  1. places to try:

    - cafeteria (great late night find...especially if you're going out afterwards to a bar, lounge, or nightclub. i think it's 24/7)
    - pomme frites (yummy fries with so many dipping sauces to choose from, perfect for after a night of drinking just before going home or when you're craving something bad lol)
    - eataly (yummy authentic italian food and you can buy stuff to bring home and cook with too!)
    - trattoria dell'arte (ask for jeff baskin for your server; if he isn't working, ask to sit in roberto cabrera's section so you can get the cleanest table, lol. i bet you know who is writing this now...)
    - holey cream (if you're in the mood for delicious homemade icecream -- can't really find that anywhere else in the city because it's all froyo these days!)
    - carbone (if you win the lottery and want to spend all your money on italian food)
    - (biscotti cafe in hell's kitchen; i've never tried it but am very curious)
    - the food hall (basement of plaza hotel near central park -- SO DELICIOUS)
    - tao (never been, but heard great things. expensive asian cuisine)
    - kashkaval (cheese market and wine bar in hell's kitchen; has amazing cheese fondue and if you love cheese, great cheeses to purchase and bring home! i've eaten there for dinner lots of times)
    - eatery (hell's kitchen, decent brunch and won't break your bank)
    - carnegie deli (because you have to)
    - katz's delicatessan (again, because you have to)
    - spice market (never been, but have heard amazing things and i'd love to read a write up about it)
    - calle ocho (delicious latin food -- as in south american, NOT mexican. it's not cheap fyi)

    that should keep you busy for a while :) don't bother with any place in little italy -- it's all the same standard american-italian food and just a tourist trap. (well, maybe go once just to say you did it lol)

  2. Thanks, Jenny! That is an awesome list. I will absolutely check out those places. Can't wait!