Monday, July 22, 2013


This post may be long overdue, but it’s about time I came back to blogging with a bang – and what foodie event does that better than dining with live animals. ZooFari, an event at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. invites local restaurants to offer samples of their best dishes to local businesses owners, distributors, journalists, food bloggers and general food fanatics. With such a tough crowd, you can imagine the foods these restaurants have to offer. It’s all their best items ready to be shoved into the mouths of hungry animals (human, that is). Prime rib? Yes. Oysters? Yes. More than one hundred of the area's finest restaurants, including Graffiato, Citronelle, Masa 14 and Zengo, to name a few. It was a feast guests are meant to remember for a long time.

Despite leaving stuffed and with a list of new places to try, there were a few things I learned at ZooFari I’ll use again at similar foodie festivals. These strategic tactics may be hard to follow as a first-timer, but once you read them you’ll understand why they’re so important to getting the most out of your foodie opportunity:

#1) Don’t wait in line: If your festival is anything like ZooFari there will be hundreds of booths to try, so don’t get stuck waiting the whole night in line for chips and guacamole just because it’s closest to the entrance. Keep going and you’ll find loads of other offers with no line.
#2) Avoid anything with too much bread (i.e. pizza, pita, buns): These will do nothing for your taste buds and serve only to fill you up faster than you say, “oven roasted grouper in a hot tamale sauce.”
#3) Sacrifice the mainstream fast food: Bertucci's may be delicious, but you can order that anytime you want. Treat yourself to the most exotic, rare foods that you don’t always get to try!
Now, I’m off to research upcoming foodie events. 

Anyone have any tips on getting the most out of a foodie festival?

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