Monday, January 9, 2012

Hipsters Serving Hipsters

Check out this place. It's so cute, right? The restaurant is called Domku and it's in Petworth, D.C. (821 Upshur Street, NW). Totally hipster chic!

The restaurant was recommended to me for brunch by a handful of friends who were all obsessing about the “pancake ball” appetizer. They also raved that the place was still “undiscovered.” In their words, you never had to wait for a table and the waitstaff were relaxed enough to have a chat.

This all sounded promising, so I was excited when I first walked in. Immediately, we were swallowed by hipster mania; hipster waiters, hipster customers and hipster birds (if you don’t know what I mean, check out the video clip from an episode of Portlandia at the end of this post… I really do mean “hipster birds”).

Even though the place was cute, I unfortunately have to say: our experience was anything but.

We first waited 20 minutes for our menus...

then another 20 for our drinks…

another 20 to order food…

and then it wasn't until an hour later that our food arrived.

Unfortunately, it was stone cold. My friend’s breakfast, which sounded delicious (a Norwegian pancake topped with Kielbasa, Onions, Smoked Gouda and maple syrup) was room temperature. My toast and potatoes were the same.

Even if we left after all of that, ALL OF THAT, we MAY have gone back. MAY. IT WAS JUST SO CUTE. But the final deal breaker was my friend’s omelet had a huge piece of plastic the size of a dime, inside the omelet. He only found it when he chomped down and almost cracked his tooth.

To top it off, when we then brought it to our waitress’ attention, she said, “I'll tell the kitchen." Five minutes later she came back to say, "The kitchen apologizes,” and that was that. No I’m so sorry; no, nothing from her. She just shrugged it off and took his plate away. 

Yes, okay, I know she didn't cook the omelet herself, but would it be so hard to hear an apology from your server? When you're the face of the restaurant to the customer, it doesn't hurt to take a little responsibility by trying to fix the situation. Instead, her tone was dismissive and she offered us nothing. Plastic really isn't want you expect in your organic, free range, $13 omelet.

To me it seemed that our waitress was not only rude, but hungover. I guess that's what happens when the waitstaff are as hung-over as the clientele.

After hearing such great things about Domku, I wasn’t expecting that. Nor were my friends. And now we won't be going back. When your food is cold, you have rude staff, and you end up eating plastic for breakfast, what do you expect? It may be sad, but I think it's time to say, “Bye bye, hipsterland.”


And now for the decor at Domku. Just click play: