Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Favorites

Beyond prepackaged candy from CVS (don't worry, I'm not knocking it), there are some real sweet goodies that come around Halloween. A lot of these fall favorites revolve around apples -- apple cider, apple crisp and candy apples. A few friends and I went to Butler's Orchard in Maryland to go apple picking, but unfortunately the lady at the gate told us the season was over (yeah, you'd think we would check on that before driving for an hour). Instead, we got lost in a corn maze, got banged around on the hay ride and waited in line for a few slides -- actually, it was pretty fun.
But one of the foodie highlights was a table full of candied apples: you choose whether you want your apple sliced or on a stick; nuts or sprinkles. Take a look at this one. I had mine on a stick, the traditional way, with nuts on top to be "healthy." Only draw back was that I got the caramel all over my face every time I took a bite. I'm already strategizing for next year...