Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beautiful food blogs

I've been reading a number of food blogs recently to gain some inspiration for my own and I have to say, there are some beautiful ones out there with some fantastic photography. Here are a few of my new favorites:
Photo by thezartorialist.com on Flikr

La Buena Vida -- Beautiful food and landscape photos from a Brooklyn based photographer. Take a look at her fresh produce,flower bouquets and restaurant shoots.

canelle et vanille -- Another talented photographer that recently posted about a summer picnic to inspire anyone wanting a sweet lunch in the outdoors. It's amazing how she can make a simple bowl of fresh berries and yogurt look so good on camera.

Eat Drink Chic -- A professional style blogger (a term I hadn't heard before) shows off her love for pretty designs, pretty foods and pretty things. A recent favorite post of mine is her DIY - Ice Cream Parlor that made me want to create an event just so I could put this on for friends.

Do you have any favorite food bloggers? Feel free to share them below! 


  1. Some of my favorites are Roost, Not Without Salt and Sprouted Kitchen.

  2. Check out Epicurious for recipes and a few posts by food bloggers!

  3. Thanks guys! Laken - I love Sprouted Kitchen too.