Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sicilian Wine Tasting and Horseback Riding

Some of the best Italian wines come from Sicily, and one true highlight on my trip was visiting a local vineyard just outside Cefalu. I know I’m no wine expert, in fact, I only made it to the introductory class for the College Wine Tasting Society and never actually made it to the tasting stage. Still, I enjoy a glass or so of the finest Italian wines… who wouldn’t?

One of the organizers of the agency that rented us our apartment suggested we visit Abbazia Santa Anastasia, a rural vineyard near Cefalu that produces organic wines. The vineyard also offered a simple tasting of four traditional wines from Sicily, which we happily tried. The most famous of the four was Nero D’Avola – a deep red color with a berry taste. 

What made this event so memorable was not only the wine, but also how we got there...

The agency set up a horseback riding tour of the vineyard for us, so for a complete hour before wine tasting we trotted, cantered and galloped our way through rows and rows of organic grape vines. It was a beautiful scene and our guide, who spoke only a few words of English, was incredibly friendly and easy going. A true cowboy (he makes an appearance in the pictures below).

If you’re ever interested in this adventure, you can find the vineyard here and you can pair your trip with an hour or two of horseback riding through the hills with Lucciano +39 349 2636932.

But if you just can’t make it all the way to Sicily, Abbazia Santa Anastasia imports some of its wines to the U.S. via www.Empson.com. Happy tasting!

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