Sunday, July 17, 2011

New foods (to me) in Sicily

While pizza and pasta may be the most popular Italian foods outside of Italy, I discovered a number of delicious items in Sicily that I had never seen before. Below are a few of my favorites:

Pecorino Sicilliano – a hard cheese with a sharp aftertaste. Similar to Parmesan, but far better for sandwiches.
Arancini – a fried ball of rice filled with meat ragĂș and peas.

Cannoli – a flakey pastry filled with sweet ricotta. Our guidebook said this dessert was a true peacemaker for the mafia: “Put down the gun and take the cannoli.”

Yet the strangest food item we experienced in Sicily was one we ordered by accident. Behold: The Americana:

Yes, you are looking at a margarita pizza topped with French fries and a hot dog. The American flag on a plate. I repeat, this was an accident (the average age of the diners who ordered it was about 7 years old).

Overall, everything we tried was excellent and fresh; from the "primi" through the "secondi" and onto dessert. Well everything, that is, except for the so called, "American" pizza. But that's to be expected.

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