Friday, June 3, 2011

Amsterdam at Midnight

After my WAKA kickball game on Thursday night our team went out for drinks in Adams Morgan. The way the league works is that after you play a game you channel your frustration into a splashingly competitive game of “flip cup.” (For those of you over 35 or international, the object of this American collegiate sport is to drink a cup of beer and flip it over till the rim is face down). You may laugh, but a majority of the people in the room took the game so seriously that they celebrated with a victory dance that should NEVER be seen outside the Super Bowl.

A few games of flip cup later, I walked down the street to Amsterdam Falafel. I could instantly see why it’s a hugely popular late-night spot. First off, it has a simple menu that is very easy to read after drinks in Adams Morgan – a major plus. Second, the incredibly nice employees ask you 3 simple questions: “What size? What bread? You want fries with that?” 
Finally, the toppings are up to you, laid out on a buffet style table where you pick and choose from a number of veggie toppings that you pile inside your pita. Although one of the toppings I chose was a neon yellow pickled celery and cauliflower dish that tasted a bit too sour for my taste (not sure if that was intentional, or just left out too long), I especially enjoyed the fresh cabbage and the all you can pump tahini sauce.
I took my sandwich to the outside tables and I have to say, the falafel was fantastic. The fried chickpea mash had the perfect consistency – crispy delight on the outside; soft, but not soggy, on the inside.

I was also impressed by the fries AND the fact that they ask if you want salt or not. Great decision, Amsterdam! Again, leaving it up to the foodie to decide. I say customization is key and they nailed that one.
All in all I would recommend this joint if you’re ever in the area for a late night snack. True, I had had a few beers before… but nothing tastes better than Amsterdam Falafel at midnight.


  1. I'm not a big falafel fan (I don't think I've had it made right) but that looks delicious!

  2. Thanks! Come to DC and you can try it!