Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crabbing about Crabs

The Masthead on Pier Street Marina in Oxford, Maryland serves the classic summer catch: fresh crabs by the dozen. These crabbies are steamy, seasoned in Old Bay and are served with all the fix-ins (vinegar, butter, sea-salt… whatever you want).

For Memorial Day weekend my family and I stopped there for lunch smack dab in the middle of our 16-mile bike ride. Of course we were biking to our next meal. Exercise? Nahhh….We were on our way to lunch!

We ordered a dozen and a half crabs for four people thinking that would be plenty. How easily had I forgotten how little meat you get inside each one.

I think I burned an equal number of finger calories opening the darn things as I did eating the actual crabmeat. I averaged one mouthful of meat per crab. It also didn’t help that I’m a messy crab eater. At number four my hands were salty, wet, pricked and all crabbed out… I realized then why the table next to us ordered hamburgers.

Overall, I give these fresh, quality crabs a shiny 4 stars (a 5 if they had been larger).

I give myself a mercy 1 star for my crab opening skills.


  1. When I first looked at that picture of crabs, I immediately thought to myself "I don't like to work hard at eating my food." Then you moved on to talking about how hard it was to break them open and I laughed out loud. I love crab but I think that's why I stick to crab cakes itself. Already prepared and less awkward to eat.

  2. HAH, thanks! And you're sooo right... why should we PAY for a meal that we have to WORK to eat?